We do not quote randomly as each order is customised according to clients’ specifications and needs. We do not make one-off profits from you. We strive to be your working partner in helping you to develop the best possible advertising and marketing solutions.

Step 1

We meet up personally with you to fully understand your requirements

Step 2

Upon your request, we draw designs and make detailed measurements

Step 3

Once you fully understand the details, we will provide an official quotation

Step 4

Upon your agreement, we will show you the sample product

Step 5

Before proceeding further, we will explain to you thoroughly to ensure all your doubts are cleared and your questions, if any, are best answered

Step 6

We perform site checking to ensure smooth installation and all relevant safety procedures are adhered to

Step 7

Our delivery process includes photographs for your record keeping

At Last

All of our works come with individual warranty

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