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GOOD SIGN MEDIA is a Signage company involved in the supply of signage as well as all media and advertising related solutions for events ranging from marketing to commercial and industrial purposes.

We develop, produce, distribute and market high quality signage products that are a blend of originality and creativity, fully utilizing the competitive advantage of technology and innovation.

We also specialize in out-of-home advertising, Signage, billboards and print ads as well as being a solution provider for one-stop advertising and marketing needs. We want to provide the opportunities for our customers to access the endless possibilities advertising can offer, to the people they represent and to the people they target.

Our products help our clients to pursue better marketing and advertising strategies through our sophisticated platforms and plans.

Good Sign Media has a rich tradition and experience in advertising and Signage work that date back to our founders’ early venture into this field, more than two decades ago.

The idea behind Good Sign Media is derived from the farsightedness and passion of our founders to harness and leverage on their in-depth industry knowledge to bring in breakthrough ideas and concepts to this highly competitive market in Advertising and Signage. Utilizing our two decades of experience and exposures, Good Sign Media is able to provide new and fresh creative direction for our customers. This enables us to steer away from the common approaches of conventional companies.

Our corporate vision is to seek creativity, innovation and partnership as part of our business identity. We hope to enhance our customers’ access to markets and their confidence in our capabilities.

Why Choose Good Sign Media?

Deliver your message with Good Sign Media​

Our results are achieved through the successful promotion of teamwork, among our members and with our customers. We see customers as our partners in creative excellence, listening to their needs, pay close attention to their ideas and interpret all that in our Signage works.

We constantly seek out innovative Signage ways to support our customers’ marketing and advertising needs so that they can keep abreast of market trends and changing consumer needs in a highly globalized business environment, among them through the deliverance of value-added services.

Our medium-sized structure offers our customers the privilege of personal attention and allows us to be a reactive signage maker and supplier.

We work with some of the best signage techniques available, spanning all industries and sectors to ensure that we are able to deliver concepts and products that meet budgets of all kinds.

We always keep track of consumer trends and market changes to ensure we are able to provide up-to-date recommendations that are well-researched, expertly planned, economically feasible and possible to be executed in all signage works.

Being more than a typical signage maker or print ads company, our comprehensive services also include research, marketing, planning, media, production and creative executions from the all-new to the want’s-next.

We believe everyone can have great designs, quality printing and good workmanship. They need not be an exclusive service at exorbitant prices.

You save money due to our one-stop pricing and Signage solutions as everything is under one roof, one point of contact and one standard cost.

No project is too large or too small, too hard or too simple. We adhere to the phrase, “actions speak louder than words” and let our work does the talking for us.

Good Sign Media is secure and accessible Signage station. We do not practice hidden charges, forced-buying or add-on fees upon completion.

We want to make money with people, instead of simply selling and promote plans of making money off people.

Our strong in-house resource base allows us to offer the most cost-effective advertising marketing ideas and promotions whose value to you will be many times over the costs we charge you.

We are not a sub-contractor nor do we outsource our products and ideas. In addition to two production houses and a full-fledged administration center, our factory is also fully equipped and capable to handle large format designs and Signage orders.

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We deliver this by giving you functional and beautiful signage within your allocated budget, within the promised time frame and within your requirements.

We are powered by state-of-the-art technology which allows us to offer fast turnaround in providing you with your signage needs as you need them.

Good Sign Media makes use of numerous resources to enhance customer service as we believe this is what sets us apart from others in the Signage market. We not only do business but also develop a genuine partnership with customers. We take your publication personally as your work is our work.

Our team has many years of Signage maker experience, in not just printing but advertising and promotions; thus enabling us to produce quality concepts and quality print in delivering your message through to your target audience.

Quality Signage solutions, materials and customer service from our team of creative designers, copywriters and printing professionals combined with modern printing machines and technology.

We emphasize on contemporary design principles and strategically adopt different styles to create distinctive and timeless works.

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